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24 March 2017

The range of products in Dufremol is expanded with the novelty: Lajita Mezcal Reposado. Mezcal – is a distilled alcoholic beverage made from special type of agave plant. The distinctive feature of the drink is a caterpillar at the bottom of the bottle.

Mezcal Lajita is produced in Oaxaca, Mexico by harvesting the agave plant, cutting off the plants roots and leaves to reveal its heart. Then it’s cooked in a pit oven to give the drink a smoky flavor. After that the fruit is mashed and left to ferment in large barrels with water added.

So, what kind of worm is it? It is a caterpillar of night butterfly that feeds on agave plants. Mexicans affectionately call it ”Juanito”. The interesting fact is that the worm is added only in premium mezcal drinks. Initially tequila with caterpillar appeared on the market in 1940. There are plenty of legends around Juanito. Some say the presence of the worm at the bottom speaks of the drink’s quality, so it would not decay. Others claim it is a great aphrodisiac. However, it’s mostly myths. In fact gusano have been a part of traditional Mexican food since ancient times. Such product consists of 60% protein and 40% oils and fats.

Lajita Mezcal Reposado is a handcrafted product with complex aroma, including tropic fruity notes and spices. The taste offers a bit of smokiness. Long lasting finish is filled with freshness.

7 October 2015
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