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The tasting of Ferrero sweets is held in the Chisinau International Airport. Everyone is welcome to taste the chocolate from one of the world’s best producer.

Italian manufacturer Ferrero has truly become a legend. The history of the brand dates back to the days of World War II, when Pietro Ferrero inherited a small baker’s shop from his father in Alba, Piedmont. Time passed and the young man got tired of making bread day after day. Besides he realized the ingredients for pastry and bread are the same, but are much more expensive. First pastries of Pietro looked a bit rough, but went a bomb among local kids. Soon the bakery got a large order from the city administration for annual celebration. Pietro together with his wife worked hard all night long to make a bunch of cakes, but due to the hot weather the fruits of their labor turned into mash. So being a resourceful and resilient person, Pietro decided to mix everything and spread in on a fresh baguette. This is the story how “Nutella” was invented.

Success inspired Pietro for turning the bakery shop into a sweets lab. This is the place where the recipe of “Raffaello” was created: a treat which doesn’t melt from the heat.

Feel free to taste the best products from Ferrero in DFM stores, Chisinau Airport up to the end of December. The tasting includes Ferrero Rocher in milk and dark chocolate, Raffaello coconut rolls.

6 December 2018
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