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In June Dufremol at Chisinau Airport invites you to the tasting of the world’s most popular bourbon – Jim Beam. All the guests will have opportunity to experience the richness of flavor and aroma of the drinks.

American bourbon differs from European whisky in corn and grain mixture (not less than 51%) in its content. This ingredient brings sweetness and delicate zest to the product. Jim Beam brand is more than 200 years old. The base recipe includes special grain mixture, as well as Kentucky water enriched with calcium. Here is the list of products available for tasting at Chisinau Airport:

  1. Jim Beam White – is a young bourbon which is aged for four years in oak casks. Fresh floral aroma with hints of spices and gentle sweetness. The taste brings ripe fruits and woody notes. This is one of the most popular cocktail bases all over the world.
  2. Jim Beam Red Stag – is a new one in Jim Beam family. The mixture of traditional bourbon with cherry – brandy. Mild fruity aroma sounds delicate and composed. The taste is filled with sweet corn and dark cherry. Long warm finish brings intensive fruity note.
  3. Jim Beam Honey – unique drink striking a balance between the strength of 4-year-old bourbon and the mildness of natural honey. Fine aroma is filled with honey and vanilla notes. The taste brings caramel and oak. Silky finish warms up and wraps with expressive sweetness.
  4. Jim Beam Maple – bourbon with intensive maple syrup flavor, which gives splendid mildness and delicate crisp. Caramel notes brings joy, merging into gentle warming finish.

The tasting of Jim Beam products is on during the whole June at Dufremol Dutyfree, Airport Chisinau.

10 June 2015
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