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The perfume line of Dufremol is expanded with new fragrances from Tiziana Terenzi. Exquisite, daring and lavish compositions are created under new rules – each of them is authentic and special by mood.

The novelties were introduced in 2017, being the result of the meticulous work by Paolo Terenzi. Notably, the new line includes unisex fragrances.

Vele Tiziana Terenzi brings happiness and chill of beach parties. Belongs to the floral-fruity group. Opens with green leaves, fir notes, mango and passion fruit. The heart features currant, Jamaican plum and heliotrope. The base notes are amber, musk and vanilla.

Porpora Tiziana Terenzi is filled with emotions, vibes and delight. Belongs to oriental-floral group. Opens with rose, raspberry and cinnamon. The heart brings incense, poppy and Bulgarian rose. The base features chestnut, amber and musk.

Eclix Tiziana Terenzi reveals the mystery of romance and sensuality. Belongs to floral woody musk group. Top notes – Tahitian vanilla, iris and lemon. The heart brings lemon, violet and white lily. The base consists of sandal, white cedar, musk and amber.

Foconero Tiziana Terenzi is inspired by summer freshness and the sense of chill. Belongs to aromatic aquatic group. Opens with lemon, bergamot, juniper and lavender. The heart is filled with Lily-of-the-Valley, hyacinth, cardamom. Base notes are white oak, ylang-ylang, sandal and patchouli.

Delox Tiziana Terenzi is for gourmets and those who prefer sweets. Belongs to floral woody musk group. Opens with white hyacinth, iris and coffee. Middle notes – Turkish rose, vanilla and opoponax. The base brings amber, musk, honey and white cedar.

The new fragrances from Tiziana Terenzi are available at Dufremol duty free. The sales managers will be happy to introduce you all new variations of fragrances and choose the one that fits your style.

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