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Newsnews / the results of the draw of trips to austria

On December 22 we have drawn the names of the winners of our great prizes. These are the three lucky ones and the numbers of the winning coupons:
  1. Indoitu Elena, coupon nr.: 010310 (Dufremol Duty Free shop in Chisinau International Airport);
  2. Zincenco Alexandr, coupon nr.: 150568 (Dufremol Duty Free shop at Leușeni customs);
  3. Rusnac Tatiana, coupon nr.: 100059 (Dufremol Duty Free shop at Criva customs).
Dear winners, we wait for you to validate your prizes until January 10, 2017. Congratulations!
28 December 2016
14 December 2016
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