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sale active:
From 1 October
To 31 October
€ 5.00
Chocolates from the most famous moldavian confectionary Bucuria. The »
€ 30.00
Floral fruity fragrance for active ladies. Opens with pink pepper »
€ 3.50
Chocolates with a unique flavor. Two-layer filling from candied »
€ 13.00
German liqueur with distinctive character and recognizable taste. The »
€ 6.50
Handmade chocolate from Moldavian producer Rifero. Prune with walnut »
€ 58.00
Woody aquatic fragrance for ambitious open-minded men. Top notes: »
€ 12.50
The vodka is made from the purest water, alcohol class Lux, flavoring »
€ 112.00
Oriental woody fragrance of 2017. Top notes: lavender and bergamot »
€ 21.50
Vibrant wine with many aromatic notes. Velvety palate is filled with »
€ 91.20
Floral fruity fragrance for women. Top notes: black currant and pear »
€ 12.00
German strawberry liqueur is made of natural ingredients; no sugar »
€ 92.00
Oriental floral fragrance for women. Opens with coffee and almond »
€ 53.00
Premium cognac with sophisticated flavor and aroma with sweet notes »
€ 6.50
Italian liqueur from bitter almond. Combination of herbs and vanilla »
€ 6.00
Amber divin with floral aroma, smooth rich flavor and dramatic »
€ 8.20
Dry rose wine from red grapes: Cabernet-Sauvignon, Merlot and »
€ 13.50
10YO brandy from one of the most famous Moldavian KVINT distillery »
€ 21.00
The most popular Irish whiskey in the world. The recipe of the »
€ 18.50
Baileys is the most popular Irish cream liqueur around the globe.
€ 26.50
American whiskey, one of the leading producers on the market of »
€ 5.00
Classic matured sparkle wine produced by using the ASTI method of »
€ 10.50
Sweet white vermouth from Italian producer. Unique secret recipe »
€ 5.40
Exquisite beverage from middle-aged distillates matured for not less »
€ 13.00
Gordon's London Dry Gin is carefully distilled using a secret recipe.
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