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DFM team happens to know about hard times of one large family. Parents bring up six kids, and one more baby is on the way. The family is very close, children are good at school, and everyone develops his own creativity. All the kids are aware of their duty to help the whole family.

The father turned out to be in a tight spot: the old Golf is not spacious enough for such big family. And it was a real problem to earn money for a larger vehicle during pandemic. So the kids decided to support their father, trying to raise a needed sum of money. The boys took the guitar and went to the center of Chisinau. Hoping for appreciation from the passer-by, the guys were singing various songs. One DFM employee noticed the singing boys, learned the details about their life and family, and shared the information with the colleagues. The story of the family turned out to be very touching, so the DFM team raised 40 000 MDL on their own initiative, so the family got the money to purchase a new car. Parents express deep gratitude to those, who responded the boys' voices.

We're proud of our team and believe that such deeds make the world better.

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