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The Botanist Islay is a premium class dry gin. Unique flavor is a result of original and complex recipe. The bouquet includes 31 ingredients.

The production of the gin takes a plenty of time. The Distillation of the Botanist Islay is a slow process; Firstly the temperature of spirit in distilling tank is raised up to +36С, as the normal temperature of human body. Then the botanicals in a certain order are added into the heated spirit. The botanicals are left in a spirit for 12 hours. After that the extraction begins, when the rising vapours come through 85 small bore copper pipes. This provides massive increase of the surface area of copper and gives unique flavor to the drink.

The aroma of The Botanist is extremely clean and fresh. It explodes floral notes with citrus zest. Its flavor is enriched with various notes, where one can distinguish vanilla dessert and tutti-frutti. Astonishing gin from Scotland is presented at dfm Duty free, located at Airport Chisinau.

24 March 2015
18 March 2015
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