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Duty Free at Chisinau Airport offers the tasting of the original Greek spirit Metaxa.

Metaxa is a fine brandy the history of which dates back to 1888. Produced from Muscat wine: Sultana, Savatiano and Black Corinth, the spirit is matured in small casks from French oak Limousin.

Metaxa 5* - the most popular brandy from the line. The aroma is filled with orange, rose, vanilla and honey. The taste is enchained with juicy notes of peach, apricot and freshly-baked brioche.

Metaxa 7* offers musk, peach and honey notes with the hints of honey and black raisin.

Metaxa 12* - intense aroma is filled with flowers, chocolate, toffee, oak, vanilla and tobacco. The palate brings caramel, chocolate, oak and orange peel.

Metaxa brandy is included into the list of 50 world’s best beverages, being one of the top-selling spirits in Duty Free shops all over the world. Feel free to taste these variations in Chisinau Airport up to August 31st.

1 August 2018
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