1. During the period from December 10, 2021 the following campaigns are carried out: "Buy goods amounting 149 EUR and get a teddy bear for free (FREDDY TEDDY SNOWBOARD PROMO)" in Duty Free stores on Departure at the International Airport Chishinau, and "Buy goods amounting 149 EUR and get a teddy bear for free (FREDDY TEDDY SNOWBOARD PROMO)" in Duty Free stores at Leuseni border on departure.

2. The number of teddy bears is limited.

3. The Campaign is available for all the individuals who have reached the age of 18, who make purchases at Duty Free stores in the amount corresponding to the above conditions.
3.1. The Campaign shall be open to participation of all individuals, who have reached the age of 18 and who visit and make purchases at the above-mentioned duty-free DFM SRL during the duration of the Campaign.
3.2. The following persons shall not be allowed to participate in this Campaign:
i. Representatives (including but not limited to the employees) of DFM SRL;
ii. Representatives (including but not limited to the employees) of the employee leasing services providers of the Organiser, regardless of the Organiser’s location where such personnelare assigned to;
iii. Representatives (including but not limited to the employees) of any services providers whatsoever of the Organiser that render such services within the headquarters, work points, warehouses and any real estates/ establishments whatsoever where the Organiser carries on their activities. This provision shall be applied regardless of the type of activities carried on by the employees of such providers, and, as well, regardless of the time they spend at the real estates/establishments where the Organiser conducts their activities;
iv. Family members of the representatives mentioned in clauses i to iii above, namely children, parents and spouses)
v. Persons aged up to 18. The relevant age shall have been reached before the calendar date of participation in the Campaign. The Organiser shall reserve the right to undertake all steps to avoid registration in the Campaign of the persons aged up to 18. In case of persons aged up to 18, their participation may occur only subject to a consent of their legal representative (parent, tutor or legal guardian).
3.3. If there are identified any persons that had an impact on or contributed to premium winning, the Organiser shall be entitled to claim for return of so won premiumsand to file a lawsuit on recovery of the damages incurred, against the relevant persons.
3.4. Participants in the Campaign shall be bound to abide by the terms and conditions of the Official Regulations of the Campaign in conformity with the foregoing.
3.5. The Organiser shall reserve the right to amend or to modify these Official Regulations, provided that such modifications shall come into effect starting with the moment of presentation thereof in the version of these Official Regulations on the web page that becomes effective from the moment of publication of the amended Regulations.

4. The information on the Campaign will be placed in all the stores it will be carried out.

5. The Campaign is conducted according to the Regulations from the web page

6.1. General Participation Rules and Mechanism of the Campaign:
6.1.1 Participants in the Campaign shall be individuals that buy goods in the above-mentioned stores amounting 149 EUR. Tobacco products do not participate in the promo and shall be excluded from the sum of the sales receipt and value thereof shall not be considered when establishing the sums stipulated in this clause.
6.1.2. After a purchase is made in the amount of 149 EUR, the Participants shall receive next guaranteed prizes, limited to stock on hand.

7. Campaign premiums shall be granted throughout the period of promotion, provided that the Organizer shall be entitled to cease premium granting if the stocks thereof have been exhausted.

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