Payment process

  1. Choose the items needed.
  2. Open your shopping basket, the link to which is on the top-right corner of the page.
  3. Click «Place order».
  4. Complete the fields with payment information and name the date and time of the flight. (NB! You can make order at least 24 hours before the flight).
  5. Check the data carefully and click «Confirm order».
  6. Choose the payment method you prefer: VISA, MasterCard or Maestro – and click «Confirm payment» Then you’ll be redirected to the payment system resource.
  7. After the payment is done you’ll see the number of your order. Save it to pick up your goods.
*NB! Passport data is necessary! You can pick up your order only with flight ticket on hand (on arrival or departure from Airport Chisinau).

Canceling order

If for some reason you want to cancel your order, call 022-22-80-47 or send an e-mail on with the order number.

How to pick up order

You need to come to the Airport Chisinau (str.Dacia 80/3) on specified date. Get your order at Arrival and Departure lounges: depending on your direction. It should be mentioned that you can get there only with flight tickets on hand. Go to «Shop&Collect» service and show passport and order number. Get your items and receipt in «Shop&Collect» window.
*NB! «Shop&Collect» service at arrival lounge is located BEFORE passport check, at departure lounge – AFTER one.

If the departure date is changed, contact our support service.


If you want to return goods, call 022-22-80-47 or send an e-mail on to contact the representatives of our online store. The return is carried out in accordance with the procedure, established by the Law of the Republic of Moldova.

Customer support

If you have questions regarding shop functioning and want to get more detailed information about products, please call 022-22-80-47 or send an e-mail on
Our operators will gladly answer your questions. Working hours: Mon – Fri, 9am - 6pm
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