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DFM at Chisinau Airport invites all the guests to experience the nuances of Versace fragrances. The special focus is placed on Eros Flame – the aroma of love and passion.

Versace Eros Flame is created for a strong and self-confident man, that cannot be resisted. It belongs to woody spicy group of fragrances. The bouquet is based on contrasts: notes interact, complementing each other and constantly changing throughout the whole long-lasting flow. Opens with fresh lemon, bitter orange and black pepper. The heart brings geranium, rose, Texas cedar and patchouli. The base features oak moss, sandalwood, Tonka bean and vanilla.

DFM sales managers will help you to feel all the notes of this sensual fragrance.

18 October 2019
3 October 2019
9 September 2019
4 September 2019