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The assortment of dfm Duty Free is expanded with the latest collections of sunglasses from world’s best producers: Hugo Boss, Burberry, Carrera, Dior, D&G, Armani, Gucci, Prada, Ray Ban, Ferragamo, Versace.

Hugo Boss Sunglasses Collection 2016 – stylish showy models encompassed various designs and colors. The fashion house offers ladies elegant sunglasses with black, brown and colorful frames. Such models will fit tiffany natures, who prefer timeless classics.

This summer the Burberry fashion house counts on scandalous elegancy: round frame lenses complete the look with special chic and courage.

Carrera sunglasses from spring/summer collection 2016 – classes unisex models embellished with artistic details from the designers: aviators with nontrivial double bridge, round frames with deep colors.

Dior sunglasses from the latest collection tend to hypnotize: the lenses change their colors depending on lighting and visual angle. Thus, the lenses may change their colors from mirror and clear to intense shades (deep blue, green, brown or black).

Dolce & Gabbana launched sunglasses with big round lenses in sophisticated frames. Extraordinary accessories look extremely cool.

Armani sunglasses got unusual shapes: such accessories will become perfect accent of the look, emphasizing the uniqueness of its wearer.

Gucci offers massive sunglasses with classic motives and trendy details. Square frames with strict lines accentuate individuality.

Prada sunglasses 2016 feature white frames and various shapes – from classic to fancy ones.

Ray-Ban decided to go back to roots, deriving inspiration from vintage style. Simple, but trendy sunglasses with thin metallic frames will bring special touch to the look. The collection features green and grey lenses.

Salvatore Ferragamo brings us to the classics and elegancy. Refined frames, feathery design will help to create a special look reflecting exquisiteness and joy. Vintage frames add nostalgic vibes to the models.

Versace offers thick frames, aviator-sunglasses and the sensation of the season – white-framed lenses.

The latest collections from famous brands are now available at dfm stores.

22 April 2016
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