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In November dfm offers the tasting of premium whiskey Jack Daniel's and Woodford taking place at Chisinau Airport. Both products are considered to be the most popular spirits all over the world. Every bouquet of the whiskey tasted is complete and perfectly balanced. You can taste various flavors of Jack Daniel's and Woodford at once.

Jack Daniel's Black Label 40% - noble whiskey with elegant notes. Special flavor features sweet resin and smoke. Long finish brings fresh fruits and vanilla.

Jack Daniel's Honey 35% - whiskey with honey flavor. The creators of this bouquet could turn a real man drink into aperitif, which can be enjoyed by ladies as well. Original flavor was achieved by the mix of classic Jack Daniel’s Old No.7 with mild sweet honey liqueur. The tasting notes of Tennessee Honey include pear and caramel, with cinnamon and floral undertone.

Jack Daniel's Masters Distillers 43% - special edition, released to honor the famous master distillers. The aroma features sweet spices, nuts, licorice and burned oak. Caramel-vanilla taste is complemented by fruity and smoky notes.

Jack Daniel's No.27 Gold 40% - limited-edition whiskey with classic delicate flavor, featuring dried fruits, honey and nutty notes. Those, who prefer strong drinks, will appreciate its noble taste.

Jack Daniel's Tennessee Fire 35% - mild bourbon with original notes. The base is classic whiskey with a pinch of cinnamon. Taste: Mellow vanilla, caramel and woody notes. Long finish coats palate with sweetness and woody background.

Jack Daniel's Silver Select (Single Barrel 100 Proof) 50% - strong yet smooth and tender. The aroma brings toasted oak, spices, caramel and vanilla. The taste features tobacco and vanilla. Finish Is filled with deep orange and butterscotch.

Woodford Reserve Double Oaked 43.2% - deep, smoky and sweet bourbon. Made on the base of classic bourbon, matured in heavily toasted, lightly charred oak barrels. Rich composition features long multi-layered finish.

The tasting is on up to November 30th.

7 November 2016
12 October 2016
6 October 2016
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