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dfm offers the tasting of legendary ski liqueur Jägermeister: Buy a bottle or more and get a free gift – portable speakers.

Jägermeister is called “a ski drink” as it’s very popular among Alpine travelers. The liqueur has a unique feature to keep warm and cheer up. The composition includes 56 secret components from various parts of the world. The ingredients are ground, steeped in water and alcohol for months. Then the mixture is filtered and stored in barrels for a year. It should be mentioned that Jägermeister used to serve as a digestive aid and was sold in drugstores.

In November every client of dutyfree has the opportunity to get portable speakers (no battery or power supply needed) for mobile device for free. Such accessory would be great for parties making it epic and fun. The promo takes place at Chisinau Airport.

3 November 2017
31 October 2017
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